CSE Final Year Seminar Idea on CORDIC Algorithm with Seminar Report

Introduction to Final Year Seminar Idea on CORDIC Algorithm:

This topic the cordic system was launched in the early centuries. As this system is the cordic computing technique it requires a high level of methods and functions to execute successfully and to make the computation of the elementary method and the functions. This cordic was invented for the replacement tool for the analog navigation system computer which is situated in the fighter as well as the normal aircrafts and plains. This system is a completely airborne computing system which is used for the air base purposes. This system can withstand a 250 KHz of the rate of the logic and techniques.

This system has a material device which is called as the Analog Resolver where the complete installation, configuration and the digitalization of the system is done. In the olden days as there were lack of the digitalization system the people use to use the trigonometric methods and related functions.

This device started functioning in the early 1946 where a book on the digitalization of analog resolver was launched too. This device contains many different formulas which are used to properly program the desired system. The main form of the cordic is the co-ordinate rotations digital computer.

There are special and standard four types of the cordic system called as the Digitalization of the Analog resolver, Building of the cordic prototype, the cordic airborne navigation computer and last the cordic beyond the first type and the second type. The main success reasons of the system are B-58 navigation systems. This material acts as the bombers with mainly supports the development of the system. This device was first situated and installed in the aircraft in the year 1970. This also helps the user to find and search the navigation of the other systems too.  This also has the capability of working on the numerical systems.

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