Chaotic Algorithm for Image Encryption CSE Seminar Report

The algorithm was developed by Henon chaotic for the purpose secure image transfer. The image is encrypted by this algorithm cannot be known until the decrypting process is known. The algorithm encrypts the image by pixel substation of adjacent pixels.



For the purpose of digital security cryptography was invented.  It stores the messages by encrypting them. DES is the cryptography algorithm it uses 56 Bits and 16 iteration and the resultant block size is 64 bits. There are so many disadvantages in this technique it takes lot of processing time and also it cannot encrypt large text and image files effectively. This technique also decrypted by Brute-Force attack and proven to be inefficient.


The chaotic algorithm uses a special technique that shuffles the image pixels. This algorithm derived a fast and secure method for encryption of images. It is found to be one of the best encryption algorithms.


  • This algorithm provides efficient way for image encryption.
  • Provides security for image transmission.


  • Network speed is low then it won’t work out.
  • Consumes lot of time depending on file size.

Proposed System:

The encryption algorithm proceeds in two steps one is fusion is completed between the key image and source image. Pixel values of fusion image are encrypted according to chaotic algorithm.

Image fusion:

In image fusion graphic technique was used. Image fusion technique can be used for same size of images.



wis parameter, K(i, j) is the pixel values of the key-image ,O(i, j) is the pixel values of the original-image, and E(i, j) is the pixel values of the fusion-image.

Encryption by Henon chaotic:

                                                              It was first discovered in 1978 by henon chaotic 


Yi+1=bxi, i=0, 1, 2…n


The algorithm is useful for secure image transfer and confidential images transfer purpose.

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