Automatically Programmed Tooling PPT for CIM Students

The Automatically programmed tooling abbreviated as the APT is the three dimensional device or a part which is done by programming the codes that was early developed in the 1950s and 1960s. Here the CAD and the CAM are the department of the automatically programmed tools which is completely based on the APT. there is also some of the new launched brands in the APT which can be work on double points also it works on the measure five axis. There are specially five hundreds words in the library of the Automatic programmed tools.

In the Automated programmed tools the statements that are related to the geometry are then used in the elements that are the chunks of the geometric elements.  These commands make the use of the motion processors to classify the path the way of the tools. Some of the related applications of the current system are Pre and post processors, proper control over the machine, operations of the tools, feedbacks and also the speed of the working system. These statements follow the set groups of the multiple statements which are also considered a part of the programs. There is also a facility of commenting a program while the executions of program.

This system also has the geometric concepts which are set to be defined as the features and the surfaces of the geometric system which are completely designed to be machinery. Here the lines and the surfaces are also said or allocated to the parts of the programs.

There are some of the standard geometric formulas that are used to solve the problem issues in the execution time. The parts of the processors are there are some of the common post processors which have the presence of the APT methods and the functions as the small characters and the numeric values.

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