Multiple Input and Output Ad-hoc Networks Power Allocation

Multiple-Input-and-Output-Ad-hoc-Networks-Power-Allocation.In AD-HOC Networks finding out missing power nodes while transferring files is complicated. Users need to indentify missing node to transfer file without any interruption. Packet transfer in a network is done through multiple inputs and multiple output communication; in that case it can provide high spectral efficiency.

There is need to analyze each and every node in MIMO in the time of File Transfer. Which is important for reliable file transfer in Ad-Hoc Network?

Bandwidth efficiency or spectral and spectrum efficiency is defined as the rate of information transfer in a communication system.

It is a measure of how efficiently a limited frequency spectrum is utilized by the physical layer protocol, and sometimes by the media access control (the channel access protocol).

Bandwidth efficiency is calculated based on the frequency used in allocated spectrum and the amount that is used by physical layer protocol, and sometimes by the media access control.

Existing System.

  • Existing system is implemented using MUWF and GGP method for increasing performance of the network. These two methods are inefficient to perform this task.

Proposed System.

  • By implementing new Game Theory method can increase power control and performance of the system. Which cannot be possible by MUWF and GGP methods. 

In this Project, experimental and simulated results for different power allocation  methods in an indoor MIMO local area network have been shown. The performance of the GT method was compared to MUWF and GGP methods in terms of capacity and energy efficiency.

Additionally, the probabilistic results show that the GT method outperforms the MUWF approach and approaches the performance of the GGP method (without as much network overhead). These results quantify the benefits, in terms of capacity and energy efficiency, of using greater levels of network knowledge in MIMO ad-hoc network power allocation.

download Project Report,project code and paper presentation of  CSE Multiple Input and Output Ad-hoc Networks Power Allocation.

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