Cryptography and Steganography with Watermarking CSE ppt

The research paper Cryptography and Steganography with Watermarking CSE ppt describes what steganography is. It suggests that Steganography refers to the practice of hiding secret message in communications over a public channel so that an eavesdropper cannot even tell that a secret message is being sent. The aim of this study was to investigate implement and evaluate a number of common methods of pixel-based Steganography.

Methods of Steganography: The research paper explains various methods of steganography. It comments that Steganography includes a vast array of techniques for hiding messages in variety of media. Among these methods are invisible inks, microdots, digital signatures, and covert channels and spread spectrum communication. Steganography is being vastly used through the media of text, images, and audio.

What is Digital Watermarking: The research abstract explains what digital watermarking is. It says that Digital Watermarking is defined as a process of embedding data (watermark) into a multimedia object to help to protect the owner’s right to that object. Digital Watermark is a pattern of bits embedded into a file used to identify the source of illegal copies. For example, if a digital watermark is placed into a master copy of an audio CD or a DVD movie, then all copies of that disc are uniquely identified. If a licensee were to manufacture and distribute them in areas outside of its authorized territory, the watermark provides a trace.

Drawbacks of stenography: The research paper identifies and explains the drawbacks of stenography. It says that A weakness of Steganography is that many people have a hard time locating a normal file even though they have a good idea what they called it. Most people that use these techniques would have to be educated and have computer knowledge.


The research paper concludes saying that steganography is an instrument of security, but not exclusively secure. There are tradeoffs with Steganography of which the security community is becoming aware: There is a tradeoff between reliability and message size and there is a tradeoff between message size and detect ability. The approach Steganography offers reduces the chance of a message being detected by its inadvertent layer of cover.

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