Watermarking Digital Audio PPT

Introduction to Watermarking digital audio paper presentation:

We are living in a world where information is wealth hence safeguarding of copyright information such as audio, video, text, programming and imaging is very essential to sustain in business. With the advent of computer technology any data is copied and manipulated. Watermarking is a technology using which we can protect the copyright data, data authentication and is possible to trace illegal copies etc.

If we apply watermarking to audio signals that it is called as Audio Watermarking. Psychoacoustics plays important role and is mainly concerned is spread spectrum type of audio watermarking which is a popular technique.

The main characteristics that an ideal watermarking (WM) system should have are

  1. WM should be embedded into main audio signal itself so that it cannot be removed at syntax level.
  2. There should not be any deterioration in WM signal from the main audio signal.
  3. Compatibility with all audio players.
  4. No false alarms when detected for a specific watermarking signal.
  5. The robustness of WM signal should be applicable for all signal processing operations. 

There are different methods of watermarking such as Echo Hiding, Index modulation through quantization, Feature based, Spread Spectrum based watermarking.

In Spread Spectrum based watermarking the psychoacoustic properties are used effectively. These properties are absolute threshold of hearing, critical bands, masking, simultaneous masking and temporal masking.

The watermark embedding scheme has operations such as temporal analysis of the audio signal, M sequence generation, shaping of the m sequence, cyclic shifting and inclusion of the information payload, and watermark embedding

The main applications of watermarking are for copyrighting, data authentication, tracking piracy copies and also in finding tampered data. 

Download Watermarking Digital Audio PPT.  

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