Online Missing Vehicle Tracking System

Online missing vehicle tracking system application for police department project provides knowledge about the latest technology in developing application, this application has to web enabled application and it provides more knowledge about client server technology how they are communicating in a sufficient manner.

Online Missing Vehicle Tracking System
Online Missing Vehicle Tracking System


Thousands of automobiles are missing every year, usually these automobiles recovered by police, actually the problem is to find the lost of vehicle was totally change. The police has to be try to trace out actual owners of vehicle by considering RTO based license and chassis number. But this ia a lengthy process time consuming is very high to check the records of RTO, because of this delay the vehicles are reached to their owner has taking longtime.

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So in our proposed system we need a centralized SMS based application for police department. The details of vehicles recovered by sending out an SMS. This application is used to capture the details of stolen vehicle and their owner details. This application is used for police in recovering stolen vehicle in less time.

The process involves in data entry and police station information and total setup, lost vehicle data setup, sms request and backup process for this purpose web based application has to be developed.                                                

Main modules of this project

  1. Access management module is used for data entry for user’s access.
  2. Police station information setup and maintenance module is used for maintaining police station information
  3. Lost vehicle information setup and maintenance module is used for lost vehicle data along with FIR.
  4. SMS query reading module is used for the process of incoming SMS and searching process.
  5. Search results notification module is used to search the database for matching details of lost vehicle.
  6. Last one is archiving and backup module 

Front end of our project is Microsoft .net framework and back end is SQL serverDB. This is a simple  and interactive form, data storage is fast and easier form, because data maintain is a systematic manner, data transfer is very easy with using latest technology.

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