Courier Management System in Vb.Net

Courier management system project ( is a management software designed by considering various factors in courier service system. This software will help to manage customer information, package details, generate reports, billing…etc.

courier management system

This software is integrated with employee management and client management software which is useful for managing salaries, maintaining customer’s database.

Proposed System:
• It is done with the help of some programming language & packages.
• For regular consignor, user does not need to enter his/her information & it can easily derived from database.
• Total amount is calculated automatically so we do not need to calculate manually.
• 3 copies of consignment note is prepared by using preprinted stationary.
• All the information are stored in the database consignment_details & consignor_info.
• In manifest enter the destination on which you want to create manifest.
• After that manifest form is sent to the destination branch with consignments.
• When branch acts as destination it receives consignments & manifest.
• According to that prepare DRS(Delivery Run Sheet).
• These information stored in the dest_consignment_details.
• Then delivery boy sent the consignment to appropriate consignee.

Youtube Video Link to view DFD,Context diagram.

Features Of The Proposed System:
• Rate is easily & quickly computed.
• Fast access.
• Bill issued procedure become fast.
• Consignment note is easily generated by using preprinted stationary.
• Manifest is prepared fastly.
• Better storage capacity.
• Accuracy in work.
• Easy & fast retrieval of information.
• Well designed report.
• Works become very speedy.

Scope Of The System:
• Jwellery,electronic items,t.v.,vcr’s,radio’s,alarm clock,computer & its parts,drugs,plants etc. such restricted article are not accepted.
• Bulky/Outsize packages will be charged as per volumetric weight.

Download Courier Management system Project in Vb.Net.


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