College Finance Management System Project in Vb.Net

Project Entitled “College Finance management system “is useful for organizations for managing employee salary details and transactions details with loan calculation, interest calculation, saving  …etc.

Project Report overview:

Project report consists of full design details and comparing existing system features to proposed system.

List of contents in project Report:

Project abstract



System study and analysis

Problems with existing system

Feasibility study

System design

Database table deisgn

Sample source code in

Screen shots.

Project Synopsis:

Software companies use human resource management system for handling employees details but there is also need for finance accounting system which can manage employee saving, banking details and provide solution for users to calculate interest , loan , savings, transaction details and analyze reports.

Project Features:

This application will help employees to manage salary in a effective way.  

Data management is easy and secured

Modules Overview:

Admin: Admin can add new employee, delete employee, modify existing records and add new features to application.

Employee Module: Details of each employee with unique user id are updated to database.

Transaction Details:  Employee can view transaction details for every month and day.

Expenditure:  Calculation of monthly expenditure is performed using this module.

Profit loss calculation: Based on transactions and interest, loan details we can calculate profit and loss and view data is reports.

Download College Finance Management System Project in Vb.Net.

Students can download project source code in form below links.

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