Apartment Management System Project in Vb.Net

Apartment management system software project with abstract, documentation and source code in vb.net for free download. This project is useful for bca, mca, it computer science students as mini project. 

Apartment Management System
Apartment Management System Project in Vb.Net

Project Abstract: 

In present trend software applications are used in every day of our life in different areas like management, inventory systems, human resource management , colleges, shopping malls …etc.  Main advantage of using these applications is to reduce manual work and complete work in short time and security of data. 

Main idea behind designing apartment management system is to help construction companies and maintenance services for handling maintenance details, billing details, hardware, resource management..Etc. 

Advantages of this System: 

This software will reduce manual work and maintain updates in database from time to time.

It is easy to handle works related to many apartments at a time without any confusion.

Data is secured and easy to retrieve old records in a short time 

Project Design: 

This project can be developed in two languages JAVA and vb.net. Here we provide vb.net project source code. Students can request for Java source code. 

Download Apartment Management System Project source code in Vb.Net 

Useful Links: 

Apartment Management System Project Report 

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  1. Please i would like to have full code on this project both the vb.net code and the java code. please will be waiting for your feedback. thank you

    1. I need this project full abstract,proposed system,modules,source code,project detailed explanation.(project name-online apartment mortal system)

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