Corporate Address Book an ASP.Net Project.

  If you are looking for a software project which is related to Software Company then this project may help you. Corporate Address book a ASP.Net project helps Software Company to manage employee details. After employee is registered with system, admin will allocate a personal id for each employee where employee can store his personal data in that account. This application will allow employee to view his address book based on category wise. Employee can edit his details.Corporate-Address-Book-an-ASP-Net-Project.

Address book maintenance will be maintained by HR manager. He will enter new employee details in to address book.HR manager has the permission to delete and modify employee details. This application will provide full details and addresses of the employees are working in the organization. 

Corporate address book concept is used by many software companies in present market.

This project requires Windows XP operating system, sql server for database, ASP.Net is used for server side technology, ASP for server side scripting, HTML for Client side scripting and IIS is used for Web-Server. 

System Specifications for implementing corporate address book ASP.Net Project.


  • Processor              :          Intel P-IV system
  • Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz
  • RAM                     :         512MB RAM
  • Hard Disk             :          40GB            


  • Operating System            :            Windows XP
  • Database                           :             Sql Server
  • Server side technology     :            ASP.Net
  • Server side scripting       :             ASP
  • Client side scripting         :             HTML
  • Web-Server        :             IIS

Download CSE Corporate Address book a ASP.Net project.

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