Corporate Recruitment System a ASP.Net Project With Code

Corporate Recruitment system is implemented using ASP.Net for server side scripting and HTML is used for client side scripting. This project is related to computer science final year students. You can find download this project, which include.



This project code contains 

  • home.aspx
  • JobSearch.aspx
  • Logout.aspx
  • JobProvider project files
  • JobSeeker project files
These files can be useful for running this application on your system.


Documentation is important for any project mainly for final year students.Here you can download entire documentation of the project which includes System Analysis,Feasibility Study,Software Design,Database Design,Input and Output Screens,Testing.

Paper presentation.

Paper presentation is important for students to show there project overview in a short time. Here you can download paper presentation about this project.


About CRS ASP.Net Project.

CRS Projects main idea is to develop a application which will be useful for Human Resource Personals for recruiting new employees for any organization.This application includes new features which will reduce work in recruitment field.

Initially this project is concentrated to implement Human resource management system which will help in filling job vacancies through a online system. This project also provides future scope for implementing broader services in a long period of time.

Users and organizations will register with the application for using HR services. Organizations will provide job opportunities information on the site users can search for there interested jobs and they can also submit application form through online which will be visible to organizations. This application will act as a mediator between job seeker and job provider. 

 In other words, enables the employer to treat candidates like customers. 


Corporate Recruitment System (CRS) has all the features and functions required for executing a successful recruitment task, providing exceptional case of use for recruitment. 

The Following are the overview of the features and benefits of CRS.

  1. Database software installed and pre-configures for the immediate use of the system effectively and efficiently.
  2. Pre-configured and ready to run Jobs database with management module for adding and deleting efficiently.
  3. Database to store the candidate’s details securely.
  4. Customizable authentication to control access to database files using assigned user login and password control.
  5. Provides information to the managers so that they can make judgment about particular situations.
  6. Reductions in the cost of hiring – there will be between 50-60 percent decrease in the cost of hiring.
  7. Reduces the time required to complete the recruitment process of any organization.

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