Container Terminal Management System CTMS Project Report

Introduction to Container Terminal Management System CTMS Project:

The aim of the project is to develop a Container Terminal Management System for a larger container port terminal having one of the biggest container handling facilities in the country. The terminal occupies a strategic partnership with major shipping lines to provide customers in the country and the regions with links to more than 100 ports around the world.

CTMS has two major modules they are

1. Containers module.

2. In-Yard operations module.

Containers module: The containers modules handles the following areas they are

Export Containers: The voyage call has been registered container port through system with reference by shipping agent. The shipping agent will assign the hauler to handle the container to port. The customs clearance will be handled forwarding agent appointed by shipping agent. After clearance the container enters into hauler and is then accepted by port terminal and is stacked in yard location. On arrival of vessel the container will be loaded in the vessel and necessary bill will be generated by the system.

Import Containers: The voyage call has been registered by the container terminal through the system with reference to shipping agent. On the arrival of vessel containers are discharged from vessel and stack is allocated in yard location.

Empty containers: Empty containers are same as import and export containers

Reefer container handling: Refrigerators are stored in the yard as it requires necessary cooling before loading the ship or delivery to the customer.

In-yard operation module: The following activities take place in this module they are

  1. Packing or unpacking
  2. In-yard movement
  3. Yard planning

Packing or unpacking: The forwarding agent may request the port terminal to pack their cargo into the container empty container which is stacked in the yard. The port terminal will pack all the cargo into specified container and convert this into export.

In-yard movement: All the containers inside the yard are handled by private carriers. The necessary data to move the container by the carrier are communicated through wireless system called RDT. The CTMS application will communicate with RDT system to receive and send data based the VMT/HMT requests.

Yard planning: The location for stack import or export containers is planned prior to container arrival. In turn the yard planning is controlled by CTMS.

 Download Container Terminal Management System CTMS Project Report.

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