Complaint Management System DFD Diagram

The Complaint Management system has following modules they are as follows

1. Login and session management.

2. Registration module.

3. Operation module.

4. User activity module.

5. Search module.

6. Report generation module.

7. Database administration module.

8. Feedback module.

9. Discussion forum module.

10. Help module. 

When a user Logon to CRMS website he can see a home page. The homepage collects information about name and details of user from him .User writes complaint about the difficulties faced by him. On entering the complaint a complaint ID is generated by which he can access the status of complaint made by him. User can also go through a list of pages to get the required information that he needed to register the complaint successfully.

dfd diagram for complaint management system:

customer management system dfd diagram

 Download Complaint Management System DFD Diagram and project report.

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