Consumer Preference towards Pricing Strategies of Washing Powder MBA Marketing Project


The present study aims to find out the “Consumer preference towards pricing strategies of washing Powder”. It emphasizes gauging the strength level of the perception in the retailer’s mind. This MBA Marketing project mainly deals with ascertaining the perception of  Vanish Washing Powder and suggestions to improve the market share.

The alternate title of this project is Pricing Strategies adopted by brand vanish around Hyderabad.

The Pricing Strategies study is based on both primary and secondary data. The data collected in the research is primary data through the mode of structured direct personal interviews. The data was collected from secondary sources such as journals, magazines, reports, previous reports, and the company web.                                             

It is found that most people prefer to Vanish washing powder for the quality and cleanliness and maximum numbers feeling good. They suggested that the company needs to develop low-cost variants and provide better pricing options to consumers. It is also suggested to the company bring more awareness which can gain from the ordinal utilization of promotional tools. This can help in grabbing the market share.


Null  Hypotheses:  There is no difference between Consumer preference & Pricing offers provided by Vanish Powder.

Alternative Hypotheses:  There is a difference between consumer preference and Pricing offers provided by Vanish Washing Powder.


  • To study the consumer preference towards Vanish washing powder
  • To understand the pricing strategies of Vanish washing powder.
  • To know the factors that influence buying Vanish washing powder
  • To come out with suitable measures that help in improving Brand loyalty and satisfaction towards Vanish washing powder


The scope of this study is to find out the student’s preferences and opinions regarding the pricing of Vanish Powder. The present study will keep the companies informed about the  Buying Behaviour towards Vanish Powder and try to come up with solutions to the problems faced during purchasing and post-purchasing of Vanish Washing Powder. The main aim of this study is to measure the usage of Vanish Powder in Hyderabad city and the  Consumer’s choice of choosing a brand based on quality and benefits.  


Sampling Procedure:

 The Sampling Procedure used is Area Sampling.

Sampling Unit:

All the users of Vanish washing powder form part of the Sampling units.

Sampling Frame:

The population for the study consists of consumers buying Vanish washing powder.

Sampling Size:

The Sample Size is limited to 100 respondents.


  1. Primary Data:

The primary data was used collected by Conducting a Survey about the Vanish washing powder with the help of a well-designed Questionnaire.

  1. Secondary Data:

The data was used collected from the various website of Vanish washing powder, company literature, Journals on Marketing, and Business newspapers.


The Data analysis was used by using various tools such as cross-tables, Charts, Graphs, Percentages, etc.


  • The Study is limited to vanish Washing Powder only.
  • The Study is limited to Hyderabad City
  • The study is limited to 100 respondents.
  • The views and opinions of the respondents may change later.

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