Computer Seminar Report on Parallel Model

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Parallel Model:

In the field of computers the Parallelism is defined for the Parallel algorithm or the Concurrent algorithm which has been run on different devices and computers in the same time and combined at the end to get an accurate result.  

The algorithms can be separated simply to perform a task into the different systems, for instance to check the numbers containing prime numbers, which can be identified by appointing the subset of numbers for every processor and at the end combined the executed tasks in a single system to get the prime numbers. 

In some situations like for computing the Pi value is not simple as the algorithm to calculate cannot be separated easily. Because the result of the first stage to evaluate the next stage of algorithm. This is known as the inherently serial problems. The other examples of the inherently serial problems areNewton’s method or three body problem. The other complicated situation to parallelize the algorithm is called Recursive. The example is Depth first search of graphs. 

The importance of the parallel algorithms came into highlight after finding efficiency of multiprocessing systems and the development of the multi- core processors. Normally to make a computer by the only but fast processor is simple compared to the many slow processors. The processor speed and efficiency can be developed by shortening the circuits and the new processors are different in size and the heat concern. The mentioned obstacles are the conclusion of the developing of the multi processing working for the systems. 

The price and the complicated feature of the serial algorithms can be measured for its memory and the processing time required. The development in the parallel algorithms needs to maximize by enhancing communications between the processors. The communication between the parallel processors can be of two types.

  1. The Shared memory
  2. The Message passing

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