CSE Seminar Report on Computer Parts

The power point presentation CSE Seminar Report on Computer Parts describes various parts of a computer. The part of the PC that you actually see is the case. It is officially called the system unit.  But generally called as the case.

Everything is connected to the motherboard. A motherboard is a thin, flat piece of circuit board, usually of green or gold color, usually slightly larger than a piece of paper. The CPU (Central Processing Unit, also called the microprocessor) is where all the calculations take place in the PC.

CPUs will be either PGA (Pin Grid Array) or SEC (Single Edge Cartridge. RAM (Random Access Memory) is where the CPU stores programs and data that it is currently using. RAM is measured in units called “bytes“and megabytes. Hard drives store programs and data that are not currently being used by the CPU.

Hard drive capacity is measured in megabytes and Gigabytes. The capacity of a single hard drive can vary from as low as 10 megabytes (very old systems) up to 40, 80,120 or more gigabytes. There are two common types of hard drives: IDE and SCSI.

Any PC might have IDE, SCSI or both installed. IDE drives use a roughly 1.5“wide, 40-pin ribbon cable. SCSI drives will use a roughly 2″ wide, 50-pin cable IDE supports up to two hard drives per controller.

Each ribbon cable has two connectors for hard drives. With two controllers, each controlling two drives, a PC can support up to four IDE drives CD-ROM drives enable the system to access CD-ROM disks. CD-ROM drives are quite large, usually the single largest component inside the PC. They are connected with an IDE cable to an IDE controller.

The floppy drive enables to access floppy diskettes. Floppy ribbon cables are the narrowest ribbon cable, only slightly more than 1″ wide. There is a twist in the cable, usually close to where the floppy cable is connected to the floppy drive. A PC can support up to two floppy drives. If a PC has two floppy drives, they will be connected to the same ribbon cable. Every drive needs to be connected to a power connector. There are several power connectors on one power supply cable.

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