Computer Seminar Report on Firewalls

Introduction to Computer Seminar Topic on Firewalls:

A firewall is a set of components which analyze the flow of network transmissions to stop the entry of malicious and other unwanted data to pass through a network.

It can either be hardware or software based device. By analyzing the flow of information based upon set guidelines it allows a network operator to allow legitimate data to pass through while stopping unwanted intrusions.  

Most personal computers and their operating systems include software based firewalls for protecting the computer from the vast array of threats that are out there on the public internet.  

Most routers that transmit data between networks contain hardware firewalls which make the network more secure. Many firewalls are also capable of performing basic router functions.

Installing a firewall is by and large the most effective and prevalent method of network protection from the perspective of network security.

When properly configured, firewalls can protect internal network services from a variety of attacks with the use of packet filtering.

Anybody who have used internet for a long time and has been an employee at a large company and browse the web either at work or at home has possibly listen to the phrase firewall.

As For example, employees of certain companies can often be heard saying things like, they can’t access certain sites because the companies firewall prevents access.

If you are using a fast internet connection at home (DSL or cable), you may have come across the concept of firewalls for your home network as well.

Small home networks have similar security issues with respect to network attacks, only at a much smaller scale. Therefore you can safeguard yourself as well as family from malicious attacks and offensive material.

Mainly, a firewall which is act as a wall to stay unhelpful services left from your assets. Its work is like to a bodily firewall to maintain a fire from scattering from one region to the next.

We will study more regarding firewalls, it work style and its protection system.

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