Anna University IT Project Report on Peer To Peer Architecture

Introduction to Peer To Peer Architecture Project:

The Peer to Peer online communication technology is considered an advantage for the communication on one side and the threat on the other hand. The security of the communities can be put on the trust on the peers. 

The Project is based on the Peer Trust i.e., a reputation based trust supporting framework, consists of the Adaptive trust model to measure and compare the peers on trust between them to work on the basis of the transaction dependent feedback model. This can applied to the P2P network. 

The Project Peer Trust Model posses the two important features.

  1. The three fundamental trust characteristics and two adaptive factors in computing trustworthiness between the peers.

            The feed back of one peer to other peer.

            The transactions between the peers.

            The feedback review.

            The transaction context constant.

            The community context constant. 

  1. General trust between the peers. 

The Project describes the ideas used for the application implementing in the decentralized P2P climate, to validate the efficiency of the model, experiments that posses the multi skilled and profit of the model. 

The Existing System 

There are many online P2P communities that has reputation management system like eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Edeal, Slashdot, The existing systems have some following problems.

  1. The community’s reputation system is unable to recognize the sincere and fake feed back.
  2. The peer cannot be set as reputed due to single honest transaction performed by them.
  3. The system doesn’t give any incentive for the peers for increasing the price due to inappropriate feedback. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System is called the Trust Model. The aim is to develop and construct a Peer Trust which is a excellent P2P trust model for measuring and the estimating the trust of peers in the community. The five features for the identification of the peers trust is the system ultimate model. 

 Download  Anna University IT Project Report on Peer To Peer Architecture.

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