Computer Science(CSE) Seminar Report on Security on Digital Library for CSE Students

Introduction to Security on Digital Library Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the meaning of quality in digital libraries (DLs). DLs are differentiated as bad or good based on its services quality and contents. 5S is a standard terminology which discusses the issues in formal framework for digital libraries. This paper also discussed about the quality indicators of Digital libraries.


Library RFID Management systems consists of four phases like library security system only, patron self check-in\check-out, support library circulation and quick inventory. The action of library security system only phase is using RFID Tag which replaces EM Security Stripes. The target of this phase is Radio Frequency Detection.  The action of support library circulation phase is using RFID Tag which replaces barcode in circulation process. 

The target of this phase is allowing multiple check-outs and check-ins simultaneously.  The action of patron self check-in\check-out are allowing patron to do check-out and check-in process of books. The target of this phase is providing benefits to librarian and patrons. The action of smart and quick inventory is to search and inventory by using RFID Tag. The target of this phase is quick inventory and searching the misplace material.

            The anti-theft part of the library is LibBest RFID EAS Gates. RFID Tags in the library items are used by RFID Management Systems. When an un-borrowed item passed through any lane then lanes triggers the alarm system.  When a patron passes through with the un-borrowed library material then the alarm will sounds and lights on the gate which will flash at that instance. RFID Tags will get detected by Electronic Article Surveillance Anti-theft Gates.  Whenever an armed RFID tags detected then the alarm will sound on the gate. 

Theft detection is a standalone technology which works independently of the library database. Library RFID Management System can handle material without exception for video and audio tapes. RFID system is an effective library detection system. Automated materials handling is the application of RFID technology. 

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