Watermarking Digital Audio Seminar Report

Introduction to Watermarking Digital Audio Seminar Topic:

Water marking is the process of embedding information into a signal (Audio (or) video) that is difficult to remove the information is carried in the form of signal. If the signal is copied then the information is also copy. A signal may carry several different water marks at the same time. The protection is very important to water mark. Here we are discussing one of the techniques of audio watermarking (SSW). In this technique a narrow band signal is transmitted over a much large bandwidth so that the signal energy presented in any signal frequency is undetectable, and it has a feature that it destroy such watermark requires noise of high amplitude to be added to all frequency bins.

Audio watermarking salient features:

There are some special features for the audio watermarking that s transparent, robust, efficient and independent. It may be classified in two ways.

  1. Temporal watermarking
  2. Special watermarking.

Temporal watermarking:

In this watermarking system the watermark are hidden into the digital audio signals in the time domain.

 Special watermarking:

In this system transfer of frequency is applied such as FFT, SCT & Digital water.

A bit of audio watermarking application:

DC level schema is applied for the audio watermarking. In this schema the DC level shifting in which water mark is embedded by shifting the DC level of the audio signal. And the audio signal does not need the original signal and the watermark. There is no robustness for the frequency marking for filtering as watermark is embedded to all frequency bands. The spread spectrum scheme (SSS) can provide protection against the MP3 compression. A seminar has been prepared in that seminar it is concluded that the watermark can be embedding onto an audio signal wit out detection but being perceived as required. 

Download Watermarking Digital Audio Seminar Report. 

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