Civil Registry .Net Project

Civil Registry .Net project is for CSE and IT final year students who are interested in developing government related project using ASP.NET,C#,SOAP , HTTP protocol and SQL. The main idea for Implementing this project is to provide better services for citizens while applying for driving license, Voter’s ID card, PAN card, Passport  and provide online registration facilities like birth certificate, marriage certificate …Etc. Using this application can even reduce work load for government employees. Civil-Registry -Net-Project

Civil Registry .Net Project is a web based application which will work as government agency to provide better services to citizens. As mentioned above this application will help for citizens to applying and registering for various government certificates. 

             This project will a best option for replacing existing manual process which require lot of time and resources. Civil registry project can replace existing system to provide better customer care, takes less time, accuracy and even reduce corruption. This web based application will act as a government agency service through which public can know information about application process, application status which can save lot of time for public as well as government employees. 

      In present situation where Information technology field is growing fast, implementing and maintaining this project will not be big task. This project creates lot of space for adding more features in to this application. 

System specifications for developing Civil Registry project 


      The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. When selecting hardware, the size and requirements are also important. 

Minimum Requirements:

      Processor         :     Pentium II class, 450MHz

      RAM               :     128MB

      Hard Disk Drive   :     3GB

      Video             :     800X600, 256 colors

      CD-ROM            :     Required 

The proposed System is developed on:

      Processor         :     INTEL Pentium 4

      RAM               :     512MB

      Hard Disk Drive   :     40GB

      Key Board         :     Standard 101/102 or Digi Sync Family

      Monitor           :     Display Panel (1024 X 764)

      Display Adapter   :     Trident Super VGA

      Network Adapter   :     SMC Ethernet Card Elite 16 Ultra

      Mouse             :     Logitech Serial Mouse 


      Operating System  :     Windows XP

      Front- End        :     C#. NET with ASP. NET

      Back- End         :     MS SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS 

For more information on this project you can download civil registry cse project from this site for a free of cost.

Download CSE Civil Registry .Net  Project report .

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