Civil Manager .Net Project

Civil manager is a .Net desktop application used for many purposes. It contains all the details of the registered company like employees working in the company and total number of workers working in the company. The entire details of the company and its assets. In this application users can enter all the entries of the company. This application is mainly developed for civil construction companies. This project It contains different modules which are helpful. This makes work much easier than any others.

This civil manager .Net application can be update users database according to time i.e., when the new employees are working in our company and the details about the number of daily labor working in the company. The additional information about painter, drivers are also listed.

many more like painters, drivers etc and it also contain what are the projects we are dealing and there details like what is the project total estimate and advance amount given by them and what are the stock we have purchased for different projects and who is dealing with that particular project. It contain each and every details of each and every worker in our company like their join date, salary, if they spent some money on which basis they spent and on which project and which date like this it maintain every minor information which is useful for us. At the same time we can see all the details whenever we want. In order to make working easy on this project we have given our own short cuts which enables user to work fast and efficient.


  • Authentication
  • Employee
  • Customer
  • Inventory
  • Agents
  • Expenses
  • Services
  • Materials
  • Report Master
  • Details
  • Creating Users


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