Cheap and Best Electrical Fan Regulator

Project Name: Cheap and best electrical fan regulator
Abstract: One new circuit is invented by Author for electrical fan regulator which is best and cheap
Author: Mohamed  thambi noor haja sathiqu B.E


Cheap and best electrical fan regulator 1

1.Fig (A )shows the full view of connection diagram of the product

2.Fig (B) shows full view of the product and external side

3.Fig (C) shows the PCB without resistance

Cheap and best electrical fan regulator 2PROCEDURE

  1. First we have to take PCB as shown in Fig (C)
  2. Then we put the Resistance and solder in PCB holes as shown in fig (A)
  3. Now we connect PCB ends with rotator switch as in fig (A)
  4. We connect rotator switch with ac supply
  5. Now if we vary the rotator switch we can get the different speed of motor
  6. The Resistance network is used to drop the voltages in five steps that is level
  7. The first step 13 volts dropped second steps 26 v third step 39v fourth step 53v
  8. By dropping the five level used to vary the speed of motor
  9. By dropping voltages we can vary the speed of electrical fan motor

What is my idea?

This idea is designed new circuit to reduce the cost and increase the performance of the product

What does it do?

It regulate the speed of electrical fan motor by dropping a.c. voltage in different level

How does it works?

It is working by Ohms law and circuit theory principles  What makes my idea Unique?

Cheap and best

Advantages of my product

  1. Cheap cost
  1. Low care.
  1. Low power loss
  1. Low heat loss
  1. Good performance
Estimation of Indian market
One Resistance = Rs. 0.15,
28 Resistances = Rs.4.20
One PCB = Rs.5.00
One Rotator Switch = Rs. 8.00
One Plastics Cabinet = Rs.5.00
Total Cost = Rs. 22.20 Rupees Only

Cheap and best electrical fan regulator 3

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