CCRTD – Operating System (Cloud Computed REAL-TIME Distributed OS)

The main objective of this white paper is to emphasize the idea of using Cloud Computing concepts in Real Time environments. Since the idea is very generic and abstract so we have tried to come up with a case study, where there will be some level of implementation details.
We all know that when there is some level of implementation involved things get pretty easy to understand.  The use of technical jargons is very limited. As you read through this white paper you will find that the language is very simple and easy to understand.
The case study presented in the following few lines is not a fully fledged solution. It’s just an idea and its abstract implementation. We hope some good contributions will be made to this idea as it gradually grows.

Implementing Cloud Computing for RTC document contains the below Table of Contents

Cloud Computing and Real-Time Computing
Is Cloud Computing concepts beneficial for RTC?    
Where and when does Real Time Computing come into picture?    
Why Cloud Computing inspired CCRTD-OS as a Case Study?    
Business Aspects of CCRTD-OS
Why not make Cloud Computing reach the common people?    
An Abstract Idea About The Implementation
CCRTD Architecture diagram    
Two Channels of communication
CPU-FAM, Machines, Service Machines or sun-machines    
Sixteen Machines and Control unit for CCRTD-OS    
Load Distribution Management Machine
Real Time SLA Monitoring Machine
Utility Calculation and Bill Generation Machine
Global Provisioning Service Machine (GPS)

Download CCRTD – Operating System (Cloud Computed REAL-TIME Distributed OS)

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