Chameleon Chip Full Seminar Report

Introduction to Chameleon Chip Seminar Topic:

There are many logic programmable chips are developed that are equipped with arrays of memory cells that can be programmed to perform hardware function using software. Chameleon chip is designed to solve communication system. It is highly flexible that can be re-configured. It work on high bandwidth re-configured communication processors (RCP). This chip is capable to rewire itself to run the software. In today’s market we need a multi tasking chip that are cheap, fast and circuits are done with good things. They are used for satellite communication, signal processing and Varity of network protocols and data formats. 

Application: – It used in data intensive internet. For creating wireless base station. It gives high performance. It do multi-level voice compression and also for multiprotocol packet and cell processing protocols. Its advantages are that it can create customizing communication signal. Its performance is very fast and the cost for the development is very low. 

FPGA: – FPGA means field programmable gate arrays. It is reconfigurable architecture and uses thousands of logic cells elements to design further this cell together called transistors used to perform simple logical operation. 

Application of FPGA: – It is used for image processing and mobile communication. For creating mobile base stations. For memory management and digital signal processing. It is very hard to predict the direction of this technology in future it seems that silicon chip will used in programming. 

CS2112:- This chip is developed by RCP. It can control full processing like debugging. It has a feature of single stepping and setting break points. This package is high-bandwidth reconfigurable communication processor aimed at fixed station wireless local hoop. Transfer voice over IP. Is used to do security processing. For developing 2G and 3G wireless base station. For high speed data operations and for developing digital subscriber line for the use of internet. 

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