Seminar Report Internet Telephony

Topics included in Internet Telephony seminar Report are

  • standards of internet telephony
  • classes of connection
  • requirements of internet telephony management

Internet plays a very vital role in our life. We use internet for various purpose.  Some use it to get the information from Google, some use it to stay in contact with friends, relative and also colleagues. We can call our friends and relatives through internet. In this paper we are going to go through one such communication medium known as internet telephony.

Introduction to Internet Telephony:

Internet telephony is the medium of communication which helps us to send video or audio over the internet through audio, video, and fax. It has helped the people throughout the world to say in touch with friends, relative, and to conduct meeting in for official work anywhere around the world.

Internet telephony video link provides a over view on different topics covered in this seminar.

What is internet Telephony:

When IP telephony was first introduced in the world it took the world of internet through the evolution to make call at long distance. Here internet telephony uses network to transfer data trough wired or wireless network with the help of packet switching which assures the sending of data with any interruption. The factors because of which internet telephony is possible are increased voice quality, due to advancement in compression technology, two way sound card allow the full duplex method to transfer audio data.

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Protocols Used in Internet Telephony:

The protocols used for internet telephony are H. 323. Standards for internet telephony, RAS signaling, Q 931 signaling, H245 Signaling, RTP and RTCP protocols, resource reservation protocol, and multi control units. These protocols enable the transfer of voice through internet over a long distance.

Classes of Connection:

The classes of connection used for internet telephony are phone to phone via internet, phone to PC in the internet, PC in the internet to phone, PC to PC in the internet, PC in the internet to PC in the separate IP based network via SCN, PC in separate IP based network to PC in the internet via SCN, and post deployment QOS monitoring,


Internet telephony is the most intelligent way of voice transfer and is gaining more importance all over the world as there are many advancement in this technology.

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