Bluetooth Technology Electronics Seminar Topic

Introduction to Bluetooth Technology Electronics Seminar Topic:

Bluetooth is a radio frequency specification for shout range, here the Bluetooth provides point to point and point to multi point voice and data transfer Bluetooth facilitates the replacement of gables from one device to another device b a short range radio link. With the help of Bluetooth we can operate some number of devices such as keyboard, mouse, printers, fax machines, headphones.

“The future of Bluetooth looks bright because it meets the basic need of connectivity in close proximity”

What is Bluetooth?

It is a specification that attempt to provide a standard method of wireless communication between various personal devices

How Bluetooth Technology work:

Design of Bluetooth micro chip is of 9mm x 9 mm  low cost and short Lange ladino link. Bluetooth is a wireless device which works for a short distance voice and data transmition it is mostly used for mobile and internet connection purpose. Using Bluetooth technology it is possible to connect 8 devices a time each pioneer support up to 3 Simultaneous voice devices.

                           Bluetooth technology is designed to be as sauces as a wire.

Transmission type and rates;

The baseband protocol combines circuit and packet switching sloth should be these for synchronous packet so that the packet do not assign ant of order

Circuit switching is of 2 types

Synchronous and asynchronous

Up to 3 synchronous data channels, and one synchronous and one asynchronous data channel can be support only one channel.

Synchronous channel support 64 kb/s transfer rate.

Asynchronous cannel can transfer 721 kb/s in one direction and 57.6 kb/s in other

Radio frequency and spectrum hopping:

The system is designed to use fast acknowledgment and frequency hopping. It is packet based after receiving the packet it will jump to new frequency by his it has less problem interface.

The Bluetooth radio chip functions at 2.4 gig cheats, it is unlicensed ism band. It separates the 2.4ghls frequency band into 79hops one MHz apart, starting 2.402 and ending 2.480. The standard frequency range is 10 centimeters to 10 metros, and it can be extended up to 100 meters by increasing Transmission power.

Data Transmission:

 The data is transmitted through asynchronous and synchronous. The asynchronous connectionless is used for data and synchronous connection oriented is(SCO) is used for “voice” Within a Pico net.  Time division duplex (TDD) is used by both ACL and SCO. And both of them support 16 types packet.

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