Generic Optical Terminal Seminar Topic

Introduction to Generic Optical Terminal Seminar Topic:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of generic optic terminal.  In this coarse pointing and fine pointing functions are used. The coarse pointing assembly has large angular range but a small band width whereas the fine pointing assembly has a small angular range and large band width.

Brief into Generic Optic terminal:

The altitude of the space craft is first determined and it is given to coarse pointing assembly. Two sensors acquisition and tracking sensors are used which detects the lone of sight of an incoming optical beam. The data to be transmitted is done through laser subsystem. Each laser module contains a laser diode, collimating lenses and focusing lenses. A quarter wave plate is placed in between the diplexer and fine point assembly.  

The fine point controller the fine point assembly based on the information given from the tracking sensor and the acquisition system. The position  and the altitude is determined by the altitude determination system. The diplexer is used because it can provide efficient transmission of one type polarized light and rejects another type polarized light. 

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