Blue Eyes Technology Final Year Seminar Topic for Compute Science Students with Report

This paper discussed about the “Blue Eyes” technology and its respective researches.  Blue Eyes system acts as a real-time monitoring system for a user. This system helps user to avoid common threats resulting from human errors and improves the performance of overall system. Human errors might be weariness, oversight, tiredness or temporal indisposition. The CMOS camera integrated in this system enables the system to calculate the gaze point and identify what the operator is looking at. 

The newly introduced voice recognition algorithm in this system helps to simply the authorization process by facilitating communication between the operator and the central system.  A simpler embedded online system monitors conscious brain involvement and warn if necessary and this system can be build with the help of an operator and the supervised process. Because of this system, Bluetooth technology became more popular but this technology implementation is relatively inexpensive. 


                Blue Eyes technology is targeted to create computational systems which have sensor and perceptual ability like those of human beings.  This technology uses non-obtrusive sensing method, uses video cameras and microphones to identify the users and observe their actions.  This technology helps to create a machine which can realize physical or emotional states of a human and which can identify what a user wants or where he is looking at.  

This paper focused on how the computers get the ability of sense, recognize and respond to the human actions. Sensing self-report and concurrent expression helps to users to communicate human emotions to computers, and then computers to other people. This paper highlights on how the researches takes place on blue eyes technology and briefly describes how the potential ethical concerns are addressed. Some machines need to pay attention to human emotions and have the capability to emulate emotion and some machines are useful as rigid tools. Automatic signals, behavioral manifestations and facial expressions are the three key aspects which are important in representing the emotions that a computer is believed to posses. 

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