BE Mech Final Project on Key Controlled-Forklifter

The BE Mech Final Project BE Mech Final Project on KEY CONTROLLED-FORKLIFTER is about the description and design of Remote operated forklift. The project has a goal to manage by wireless network drafted with RF modules. The forklift is a vehicle like a small truck which includes two metal forks located on the front portion and utilized to transport the cargo.

 The forklift operator makes the forklift to move forward unless the forks goes inside the cargo and transport the cargo many feet with the help of forks in the air. Forklifts are stimulated by propane, gasoline, or electricity.

The important method present in the system is to make mechanical motions in the forklift based on the command signals produced and sent by remote designed and RF module.

The command signal data is created by an activated key linked with data sending controller and depending on digital code produced through controller chip and information is superimposed on the carrier and sent like modulated signals. The project utilizes micro controllers and radio communication to control the forklifts.

The vehicle progresses in all ways because rotational motion is possible to send the products. It is functioned manually and remotely. The large duty tyres can be moved on rough surfaces outdoors. The operators can manage forklift rear wheel steering. Fuel could be expensive such as gasoline and propane.


The important benefit of this system enhances the operator safety with the operation of forklift from a particular distance. It enhances the productivity efficiency since human errors are caused with the reduced poor visibility.

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