Introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Windows Azure

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Windows Azure:-

Web Role

¨Based on ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 – 64bit
¨Web Projects
FastCGI applications (e.g. PHP)
Java Apps
Static Content
New web.roleConfig to support FastCGI

Worker Role

¨Managed Class Library
¨Inherits RoleEntryPoint
¨Start() Method
¡Called by Fabric on startup
¡Do not return from Start
¨Stop() Method
¡Called when role is to be shutdown
¡Heartbeat for Health

Azure Components – AppFabric

  – Extending .NET to the Cloud with Internet scale utility services

Service Bus:
General purpose application bus on Internet – such as Enterprise Service Bus on-premise

Access Control:
 Rules-driven, claims-based access control rules transformation engine

Workflow Service – Not available currently:
 Shared hosting of workflows

Azure Components – SQL Azure

  – Extending SQL Server Data Platform to the Cloud


¨Decouple Roles
¨First In Last Out
¨Design for guaranteed message delivery

 Two main configuration files

ServiceConfiguration.csdef – Definition File
ServiceConfiguration.cscfg – Instance Data Configuration
Web.Config vs. ServiceConfiguration.cscfg


There are 2 environments available on Azure

Applications can be promoted or demoted from staging and production


¨No debugging in Cloud
¨Standard diagnostics Trace APIs
¨Collect the following types of diagnostics data
IIS Logs
Failed Request Logs
Performance Counters
Windows Event Logs
Application crash dumps
¨Use Azure Storage for transferring logs on an on demand or scheduled basis
¨To enable the diagnostic trace listener, add the following configuration file to your role’s web.config or app.config file:

Few Cloud scenarios-

-Large User Load for application(s)
-Variable User Load for application(s), dynamic Scale up / down required
-Start ups who do not intend to invest in infrastructure
-Seasonal / Periodic applications

Enterprises required Cost effective web / data  solutions

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