Banking Network Design MCA Project Report


  • It provides support to various applications of banking
  • This Network will let various users of the bank and their employees connect to the main Server.
  • The objective only authorized user to access Network including all servers and network devices.
  • Provide greater speed & reduce time consumption.
  • It provides 99.99% of uptime of Network.
  • Allocate bandwidth to servers accordingly by using QoS.
  • The proposed Network will be user-friendly so that even a beginner can troubleshoot any issue easily.

The H/W used for developing this Network entitled Banking Network Design is as follows:-

  • HUBs
  • L2 and L3 Switches
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • WIC Cards, S/T Cards and various modules for routers and switches.
  • Firewalls
  • Very small aperture terminal(VSAT)
  • Various types of cables for interconnecting Network Devices.
  • Servers according to Customers requirements.

Network Overview

The Network design starts from the point of topology. This will include defining the layers and defining the functionality of each layer. The main aspect of dividing the network into layers is to incorporate the functions based on the layered structure and design the connectivity methods and high availability techniques at each layer. It also helps in distribution and control of network functionality.

The aim of the network is to provide highly available and scalable environment for collocation of Internet, Intranet and Extranet services, and applications. It providing high-speed access to data, voice and internet-based applications. The network is planned such that it will provide the necessary backbone connectivity between the different offices to ensure that the network becomes an enabler for business plans.

The design should be in such a way that there will be no single points of failure and should be capable of achieving fast and predictable convergence times. The design should also address the ease of scalability by increasing the port density in the switches. This Low-Level Design has been made in accordance with Cisco’s existing best-practice recommendations. The foundation of the design stems from Cisco’s standard ‘Multilayer Network Design’ model.

Future Scope

There is a vast future scope of this Network. This Design can be improved and can be used by various banks. If the limitations present in this Design are removed then, this Network will become very reliable and provide 100% uptime.

We can easily implement any changes to the Network Design as we are using the latest protocol like Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in our network which is having attributes to easily divert or control the flow of data and QOS which can be used to allocate bandwidth to servers accordingly.


  • We will not be able to resolve issues from any of the following by using this Network:
    • Any unreported/ undetected Bugs in standard software’s, or tools
    • Any changes in Application Software features
    • Older versions are incompatible with current features
  • Lease line uptime depends on a particular Service Provider.
  • This Network is limited by the state of technology and functionality of software tools or products deployed.
  • Third-party IOS integration will be carried out on the best-effort basis.
  • All hardware devices upgrades, hardware re-deployments, and policy changes shall be done after the mutual consent of the customer, based on the impact it would have on the overall security situation and performance of the network.
  • Security can be implemented in a better way.

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