Highway Network System Civil Project Report

This Highway Network System Civil Project Report is about Highway Network System to show the details of the road Network System. A road is a public road, especially a main road that connects two or more destinations. All interconnected series of streets may be different, like a “highway system”, a “road network” or a so-called “system of road transport.” The history of street art gives us an idea about the way the old days. Streets of Rome were built on a grand scale, and can radiate in many directions, to support military operations. Therefore they are considered pioneers in the construction of roads.


With the advancement of better roads and efficient control, more and more investments were made in the road sector especially after the World wars. These were large projects requiring large investment. For optimal utilization of funds, one should know the travel pattern and travel behaviour. This has led to the emergence of transportation planning and demand management. To improve the road control Modern Soil Stabilization Techniques has been used. This will help to construct the road in a better way.

 Highway Network System Civil Project Report Conclusion:

Traditionally highways were used by people on foot or on horses. Later they also accommodated carriages, bicycles and eventually motor cars, facilitated by advancements in road construction. In the 1920s and 1930s many nations began investing heavily in progressively more modern highway systems to spur commerce and bolster national defence.

The new trends are initiative in the highway improvements. Now highways are well stabilized and more secure. The costs in the construction as well as in maintenance are reduced. These new trends are eco friendly because the use of fly ash is used as an important material and it is a residual of thermal power stations and in Free State, it is very harmful for the environment. So there is a great hope for the further improvement in these techniques.

Download Highway Network System CIVIL Engineering Final Year Project Report.


  1. please sent to my mail about civil engineering projects which are now in the process of implementing ..and provided information in this site is very nice

  2. am a 4 yr student doing water resources engineering in busitema university uganda . am from kasese (rwenzori region) that has been hit by floods and our roads are in a messs destroyed by the heavily rains hindering transportation of goods causing diseases and loss of lives . i want to a project about designing a road side drainage system but for a particular roas how can i go about it and i also for more project ideas in that line plz help i ve presentations next month

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