The Multi Banking System Java Project Report for MCA Students

Introduction to The Multi Banking System Java Project:

The Existing System 

The Banks are more today and one can do the transactions for any particular bank manually or by internet. The current system is not suitable to do transaction for another bank with the same same bank. The existing system has the problem of one bank transaction only facility. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed System is called the Multi- Banking System. The system is aimed to provide the future banking facility for the customers having multiple bank accounts. The system is developed and has Database of the multiple banks to give the facility to retail and the corporate sector. 

The interface of the system is constant to clients and the banks. The user can do the transaction by login to the portal online and look for other banks. The back office is very effective to regulate and help to clients to perform transactions easily. 

The Technology 

The computerization of the whole system is needed to make auto generate process for the transactions. The features of the computerization are

  • The processing time has been reduced.
  • The secure information
  • The reduced redundancy and inconsistency 

The System Study 

The system is created according to the user’s easy understanding mode. The GUI is divided into the following

  1. Administrative User Interface
  2. The Operational User Interface 

The Administrative User Interface is about the Bank or the Organization and its activities and updates. It requires the authentication to get the information. The interface is made for the administrators to edit transcriptional status, Data entry, Data removal, Data updating and Data information. 

The Operational User Interface is made for the users and the clients to perform transactions. The interface also provides the facility of the update information about the user for authentication purpose. 

Download  The Multi Banking System Java Project Report for MCA Students.

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