B.tech Technical Seminar Topic on SMS-Wiki with Report

SMS-Wiki is a data aggregator that is not dependent and also gather web content on the requirement. Usually these accumulated data are based on textual services like online dictionaries and Wikipedia. The function of this SMS-Wiki is to refine the textual contents to the core and thus producing a clear UTF8 text-output that can be easily passed on to the mobile phone sin the form of MMS and SMS, computers and email, IM and local applications and to other devices that are meant for communications in the form of sockets and Via Post/Get.

SMS-Wiki is not focusing on RSS feed or any tools used for content syndication but it simple collected data in a logical pattern. Like Wikipedia which is a useful and amazing source is lacking in possibility to directly interact the content and therefore it does not support data syndication’s and feeds.

In order to integrate Wikipedia, google specify the world dictionary and other web service using your phone via MMS and SMS. With the service of SMS-Wiki  you will just require to send an SMS to any running service. After that within a short period of time you will get a definition or translation back on your cellular device.

This project aims to create an SMS server that can messages in the textual format from the users as queries. The server will then retrieve the meaning of the string with the use of the existing net services like google, Wikipedia and others. it will then send the results to the users via the service of the SMS.  In case of queries that are repeated the system must be able to detect the local cache. It is also necessary for the system to maintain a log where the details of all the SMS activities must be stuffed along with the generate reports that are appropriate and clear.

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