Student Management System DFD Diagrams

Introduction to Student Management System Project:

All the details of students can be easily handled by the Student Management System and the details consists of course details, college details, personal details of students, academic details etc. This version is simply an update version of the manual Student Management System.

The college management system has to handle the records of thousands of students which can be a bit difficult. Although it was an informative system but it was completely manual. Hence, it was highly necessary to upgrade the system and make it computer based. As per the existing system all the details of a student are maintained in only a single record. So it becomes a tedious task for searching and upgrading the information’s when required. It also enhances the chances of errors.

Student Management System DFD Diagrams

student management system dfd

As per the proposed system a new development method will be introduced to make this cumbersome job simpler and easier to handle. It will also make the work more feasible and fast as well as convenient. At the same time it will also reduce the cost of handling of the records.

Administrator and users are the two kinds of accessing modes.

Administrator which handled the SMS and also update the details of the students in the registers like providing the student numbers, generation of tickets, marks fetched in the examinations and so on.

On the other hands, users can only view the personal details, schedule of the examinations downloads the ticket for semesters, details of the fees and other related information’s.

The basic purpose of the project is the provide a proper channel of registration to the new students. Moreover developing an sms message for the Academic Institution help the teachers, students and others get lots of informations about the institution. Also helps to update the information’s that are necessary to transmit the the users end.

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