CSE Mini Project on Sms Topup Project Report on Java

Introduction to Sms Topup Project:

The pre-paid recharging system focus to maximize the pre-paid card system that already exist and offered by the pre-paid card agents as per the requirements of the bank. This system will be the base as well as the foundation of a wireless commerce framework. Service provider and the bank are the base audience. All the members who are involved of the project team are also the intended audience. The product must based on the web application and at the same time work as a stand alone product.

Our projects are aimed to enable customer to recharge his phone from sitting at his place and without the need to go anywhere outside his premises. This means that through a single message the client will able to recharge his phone from wherever he is sitting. The product must use the link to its home page and free of the platform. This software will further satisfy the requirements of the clients with its fabulous aspects of security and the controls that are necessary, adopted by the programmer. It also saves the messages that have been sent.

Today cellular phones are used by almost everyone around the world and the normal pre-paid system activation makes use of various things. Firstly, it requires the purchase of a SIM card from the retailer who deals in mobile phone topup followed by scratching of the card and typing the 13 digit secret code number. After the completion of all these procedures the system of prepaid will exist in the cell phone.

This is what happened according to the existing system and it is not a matter of problem for the consumers. But in today’s fast moving world where everyone seems to be working like a machine a more updated system should be developed. The sms topup system introduced by us will save the precious time of our customers and will also make the task of recharging smooth and tension free. It is totally different in the new proposed system.

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