B.tech CSE Seminar Topic on Intel vPro Technology for Final Year CSE Students

Introduction to Intel vPro Technology Seminar Topic:

This paper discussed about the latest emerging vPro technology by Intel, which helps to achieve maximum benefits to users by minimizing IT efforts.  VPro technology is not a PC itself but it is a set of features built in hardware and motherboard.


Intel vPro technology is a combination of many enhancements in hardware, management, maintenance and security of a PC irrespective of its OS or its power consumption. New hardware innovations with compatible software solutions, high manageability and security are the main features of this technology.  Energy efficiency is one of the major benefits of this technology. PC with this technology is running with less power consumption. This technology provides a feature of accessing and managing the PC even it is powered off. This technology helps to identify the threats more quickly before it affects the OS, with the help of third-party security software and later it updates PC irrespective of its power state.  This security check on PCs can be carried out by vPro’s virtualization technology and its virtual appliances.

While roaming, this technology supports encrypted communication. It also supports both wireless and wired network connections. Intel’s Execute Disable bit functionality is also provided by this technology and remained as one of the powerful hidden strength of this technology. This technology helps to run various operating systems on the same machine at the same time. This technology supports the controlling of host network access based on system’s health and this process considers as Network access protection technology which proposed by Microsoft. 


VPro technology is a powerful technology which helps to rapid enterprises growth around the globe.  This technology helps to provide qualitative service by meeting growing needs with less cost. The investment on this technology is apt and tolerable when considers the benefits offered by implement it.  To use vPro technology, Intel is providing technical support to many enterprises as required.  All the drawbacks and pits of older versions of this technology are overcome by its new versions.

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