BE CSE Seminar Topic on Captcha with Report

Introduction to Captcha Seminar Topic:

This paper is about a challenge-response test or a Turing test, Captcha which is administered by a machine and targeted to a human.  


Captcha have simple problems to solve by users rather than having difficult problems in artificial intelligence. Captcha helps in developing artificial intelligence of computers by creating incentives. It has the capability of distinguish humans from computers. Captcha wont depends on difficult problems in artificial intelligence.  

Captcha provides distorted image by showing letters or digits to the users and then allow the users to type them. Captcha can be in the form of distorted images, visual puzzle, photo recognition, speech captcha and 3D captcha. Development of 3D captcha is still in progress. Content-based video labeling as a Captcha task, addresses many problems which are encountered by using existing character recognition captcha. Public video databases generate many challenges.

A video captcha is a task in which user watches a video and then provides three tags.   If, once a video is selected, then there is a need to generate challenges using a function with four parameters. In order to enhance usability and maintain security against a video captcha frequency-based attack there is a need to extend the set of ground truth and user supplied tags.


Captcha helps to prevent comment spam in public blogs. It protects the website registration. It helps to record the votes and managing in a way to avoid duplicate votes in online polls. In password systems, dictionary attacks can be prevented by captcha. Captcha truly guarantees that bots won’t enter or even read a website. A plausible solution against email worms and spam are offered by captcha. Can create customize captcha to address the problem directly and make the resistant implementation. Captcha can prevent unwanted macro-scripting of a standalone application.  Video captcha security is verified by a frequency based attack. 

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