Artificial Vision Systems for The Blind Using Ultra Sonic Wave Transmission Reception Techniques Abstract

Introduction to Artificial Vision Systems for The Blind Using Ultra  Sonic Wave Transmission Reception Techniques Project:

In general all most all persons having all body parts, but they didn’t do any work perfectly. Then what about the handicapped persons. Here we are discussing about blind people. They are being feared by the public, because public doesn’t help anyone. For this kind of people scientists decided to end the blindness, so researchers developed a hi-tech technology, which is known as “Artificial Vision System” for the blind using Ultra sonic Wave Transmission Reception techniques. Various systems have been developed by the scientists, which are very complex in size, expensive, not easy to use, and also somewhat dangerous to eye of the blind people.

Coming to ultra sonic sensor, which is easy to use because it reflects the signals for a long distance nearby 2 meters and received signals are converted to digital form, which are send to micro controller  It can access the voice through voice chip (IC APR 9600). By accessing the voice blind people can easily identify which obstacle is in front of them.

Hardware requirements are Micro controller  Ultra sonic sensor, Voice IC, Speaker, Power supply and software requirements are, tool is KEIL Micro vision, Platform is windows, Language is Embedded-C, and Hardware design is Protues professional 7.4SP. Embedded system are used because it is more reliable, no complexity, easy to use, inexpensive, and perform perfectly and get good results. And also it is more popular high technology and performs a specific task.

Ultra sonic sensor has both Transmitter (TX) and Receiver (Rx). Ultra sonic sound carrier signal sound produced by the CPU-Controlled carrier generator. Sensor TX to amplify the carrier signal to piezoelectric transmitter acceptable levels, the Doppler frequency shift is selected by the signal mixer for the speed measurements. For suppressing the high frequency mixer or rectifier products synchronous rectifier is used. Mainly CPU is used for controlling the system. So by using this sensor we can aware the blindness.

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