Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Detector

  • Project Title:    Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Detector
  • Project Environment:    IAR Work Bench 4.20 in Windows XP, Vista , Msp430f2132, 400ST160,MAX 485, NM555P

Project Description:    This Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Detector project works for measuring the distance of an obstacle from the crystals, there are two 40kHz crystals one for transmitting the signal and another for receiving signal, using timer functionality the distance was calculated. In this final year engineering application we are using it for detecting the level of a fuel from the top of the tank, this computer science & Information Technology project is designed for measuring 3-150cm distance measurement, the distance can be extended by varying the crystal frequency.

Developer Role:System study, Application Development, Apllication testing,Test Summary Report.

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