Mobile IP PPT Paper Presentation

Introduction to Mobile IP PPT Paper Presentation:

Mobile IP called as the Mobile Internet Protocol is an internet technology which has acquired a lot success in the time, distance etc but the internet technologies have to be increased in the user system computer access periods. The latest technology named as the 3G technology mobile networks making a great distinguish between the international business groups. As 3G technologies is never depended on one standard technology but also depended on the group of radio technology like the CDMA, TDMA, and WCDMA etc…  mobile IP is mainly defined as the Home agents in which the client has the connection with the foreign agents. 

The main Objectives of the Mobile IP is It understands the address scheme of the Host, Secondly it defines the address care, home, location and much more things, thirdly  it understands the communication between the home and the away means the foreign agents too, Fourthly it also understands that mobile communication is so extravagant. It also knows the main three objects which are the contents of the mobile communications. 

The main critical things faced by the IP communications are the addressing concepts. This IP’s are developed to work with those of the fixed host because it provides the information about the host which is already fixed one. Mobile IP has two main addresses namely the home address and the one care address. The home address is constant and the one care host changes or varies when the host is placed or moves from one place to other. These Mobile IP never use a packet for the agent works but it uses a sever packet named router solicitation which is a packet of the ICMP. 

The data transfer is done like first the data is placed in the Mobile home host which can be also said as the home network then the data is sent through the internet to the foreign host by the remote hosts called as the mobile host.

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