Article Rewrite or Plagiarism Remover Project in Python


Maintaining data uniqueness is one of the important features for many areas like in colleges and universities Plagiarism check and data uniqueness is one of the main criteria for preparing a paper of paper publishing. In order to maintain plagiarism free content, there is a need for effective methods wherein the existing method used should rewrite entire content manually if there are many pages of content to be written then it takes a lot of time which is time taking process.

With the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can develop an application that can automate process of content rewriting. In this project, we are developing an application in python named article rewriter or plagiarism remover in python which will rewrite entire given content in a short time. In this project, Natural language processing is used in which text summarizer libraries are used. In this project, we also compare the output of different text summarizer algorithms.

Existing System:

In the existing system in order to remove plagiarism for the content manual process was involved in which the user should understand each meaning of the sentence and rewrite the entire content with its own words. Which is time taking process.

Proposed System:

In this project, NLP is used for understanding input text or data from URL and then summarize text and rewrite entire content in a short time by using a text summarizer algorithm.



 Operating system: Windows 7 or 10.
 Tool :Anaconda ( Jupiter )


 Software :Python 3.5
 Dependencies : numpy
 Libraries: pandas, keras, scipy, sklearn,NLP

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