Anti-Theft Library Organizer Project


Library management has been a big task these days in Software Company, where huge amount of book are managed for staff reference. There should be Software to track these book issue and return transactions, the application will also control book theft.

The data read from the RFID is received and forwarded to application by RF reader via RS232, the application will sort the information read and make it easy to analyze for the library manager, and he will work over the data for book issue or return and then save it to database.

This Anti-Theft Library Organizer application contains maximum software based and less hardware based, where hardware’s like RFID, RS 232 and RF reader are meant for data communication and identification, the software part plays and pivotal role in this in managing the data communication.

Retrieving data , analyze and then added to database during the time of issuing new books, on return of book database is accessed and made changes, the Anti-Theft Library Organizer application is robust and user friendly where less control based operation is done.

Where most of the data is automatically generated from RFID of employees and from RFID in book.


In early days the library management was carried by manual ledger writing of issue and return, which has the drawback of wrong entry, book theft and many others to the management, later library management was computerized, though it has its own bugs like time taking in issue and return of book as everything need data input.

To overcome all above said problem this project is developed, the project deals library application communicating and managing with a RF Receiver through RS-232 conductor which association the interface between data processing and data communications equipment, and is widely used to connect microcomputers to peripheral devices.

The user of the library has to swipe the RFID in entry to read who are all, came into the library on taking a book the RFID Card shows the information of the person who takes the book, as RFID in the book gives information about the book to issued are returned through RF reader connected to system via RS232 is given the information to the application where it is analyzed by the library manager.

The in charge person will then store it to database, the information contains the time the person who took book came in and what books he took ,what is the book name, how many days for returning the book in case of issue or how many days kept in terms of returning .

We can also make the application to show some other useful information about the library as an optional one like show book shelf on giving book name and other useful info like book availability




• Day to day information is been stored in PC to check later.
• The outside people cannot enter in to this library with using this technology.
• Managing Library will become much easier and efficient way.


• If RF reader doesn’t work application can’t get input information.


The Present software is very useful to the Library because it is a data collection technology that uses RF concept coupled with this application will make library management much easier in an efficient way.


Sender Side:

RFID Block Diagram

Receiver Side:

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