Anti Theft Wheel Locking System Mechanical Project Abstract

The goal of this ANTI THEFT WHEEL LOCKING SYSTEM project is to hinder the theft of bikes with the help of wheel locking system. The solenoid switch is used as the main tool to lock the front wheel of the bike. Solenoid is a device that monitors in linear motion. It includes plunger which moves in too and fro motion and is connected to the battery supply.

The brake lever in disc brake system enables the functions of disc brake. The plan is about to activate the disc brake functions while the ignition key is kept in OFF stage. Hence the program manages the solenoid actions. The programs should be in the form of idle state or ignition key in off. When an unknown person moves the bike then the microcontroller should perform an action by analyzing front wheel motion and it should active the solenoid action.

The solenoid is consisted of voltage of 12volts and current of 5amps. The battery consists of voltage of 12volts and current of 7amps.


The Anti Theft Wheel Locking System Mechanical Project Abstract concludes on the locking system with the requirement of the project manages the actions of solenoid. The system should be in such a manner that if bike is in the position of IDLE STATE or IGNITION KEY IN OFF and at the same time when an unauthorized person tries to unlock the bike then after the front wheel rotations the MICROCONTROLLER should perform the action by using sensor and should active the solenoid actions. 

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