ATM Using Pen Drive Project Synopsis


The Project is “ATM USING PEN DRIVE” in which we use pen drive as ATM card. This project is a type of innovation according to the new technology.  According to new technology we use a pen drive port number as a primary key for user use. Actually this project is a type of future implicated application. We can use a pen drive for both data storage and also for ATM access. It provide a type of portability for us.

In today time it is very difficult to keep both the pen drive and ATM card in a pocket, the possibility of misplacing of very high but if we use pen drive as a ATM Card then we can easily maintain the pen drive for both purpose.

According to new technology pen drives are made as a very small device by which it can easily managed. In future this technology has very importance for us.

Snapshots Of ATM Using Pen Drive:

  • Front Page:
  • Pendrive Unique Number:
  • Admin Login:
  • Admin Panel:
  • User Registration:
  • Registered User Login:
  • Account Type:
  • User Account:
    Balance Withdraw:
  • Balance Enquiry:
  • Mini Statement:
  • User Account Updation:


The pen drive has indeed revolutionized the way we work and also the manner in which we work. Pen drives help us to carry our work to our home and carry all our important documents in our shirt pocket wherever we move. These pen drives are immune to dust, fungus and shocks which were the chief culprits in destroying the floppies. The innumerable times aspen drives can be written on to make it a slower version of your hard disk. You can store pictures, songs, documents and all sorts of files which you need to carry around.

The newer version of pen drive with their astounding 32GBstorage capacity are capable of recording upto 12 hours of nonstop audio. These high end pen drives often have LCD displaysfor browsing through he files stored in the drive. These pendrives feature a mini USB port, an audio input and audio outputport with rechargeable batteries. Many manufacturers havecome out with tiny speakers for use with the pen drive shouldyour do not feel like using the earphones.


1. In modern times people usually carry pen drives for data storage. If pen drive could be used as an ATM card then it will allow the user to withdraw money from their account along with the data storage.

2. Higher aggregate bandwidth

3. High speed Mbps and possibly Gbps

4. Scalabilit


Finally we manufacture a software which used to access the ATM which is easier and less complex.
It is good facility that provides money transaction ,payment bill, shopping, data storage and such type of other services.

It has no magnetic tape so it has a long life and many information like mini statement, payment slip, available amount. fund transfer and such type of details can be stored in the pen drive.
So some of these questions which will be answered after completion of final module of project.

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