Alternate Fuel Biodeisel Mechanical Final Year Seminar Topic

This Alternate Fuel Biodeisel Mechanical Final Year Seminar Topic on Alternate Fuel , highlights the importance of choosing ‘jatropha’ which reduces pollution drastically in terms of sulphates and carbon mono-oxide.

There have been depletion and fluctuation in prices due to uncertain supplies for fossil fuel in recent times,which has made make us to search renewable, safe and non-polluting sources of energy.One of the solutions to the current oil crisis and toward off any future energy and economic crunch is to explore the feasibility of substitution of diesel with an alternative fuel which can be produced in our country on a massive scale to commercial utilization.

This project discusses on The ester of vegetable oils, “Jatropha” which can be a valuable supplement or even a full substitute for diesel fuel since they perform with acceptable thermal efficiencies. It also says that Jatropha cultivation should be taken up on large scale on top priority basis as it will be perennial source of income for formers even during drought periods.


  • Has the potential for high engine performance.
  • Their higher flash point makes them to safer to stored.
  • The bio-diesel molecules are simple hydrocarbon chains, contains no sulphur or aromatic substances associated with fossil fuels.
  • They contain higher amount of O2 (upto 10%). That ensures more complete combustion of HC..
  • Production of 1t / ha / year of high protein seed cake that can be used as animal and fish feeds and organic matter that can be used as organic fertilizers.
  • Various other products from the plant (leaf, bark and seed extracts) have various other industrial and pharmaceutical uses.
  • Restoration of degraded land over a period of time.
  • Rural employment generation.


The alternative fuels discussed in this project reduces the environment impacts of transportation, reduces the dependence on crude oil imports and offers  business possibilities to agricultural enterprises and better performance leading to eco-rehabilitation of degraded lands through plantation of Jatropha curcas for ecological, economical, security and sustainable development. Further work in this field is expected to provide a 100% biodiesel with better performance as well better emission standards.

Download Alternate Fuel Biodeisel Mechanical Final Year Seminar Topic.

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