Parallel Computing Seminar Topic

Parallel-Computing-Seminar-Topic.Parallel computing seminar topic explains bout usage of this technology in present computing, issues in parallel computing, concept and terminology used in parallel computing, design  and  architecture. Parallel computing is playing important role in developing high performance computers. In computer word Neumann machines are used widely all over the world but there work is limited to few applications where parallel computing can be used for developing those applications. Personal computers and work stations use some degree of parallelism. Due to lack of developing application software’s using parallel computing had not made it more usable.

Software has been written for serial computation:

  • Using single Central processing unit application should be developed.
  • Central processing Unit should execute instruction one after other at any moment of  time

  1. Parallelism computing is a concept in which central processing unit uses multiple resources to provide a solution.
  2. The computer resources are:
  • A single computer with multiple processors
  • An arbitrary number of computers connected by a network;
  • A combination of both.
  • The computational problem usually demonstrates characteristics such as the ability to be:
  • Single task can be broken in to multiple parts to solve a problem.
  • Multiple programs can be executed at a single moment of time.
  • Time required to process commands is very less single CPU resources can be used to solve the problem.
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