Advertisement Project Report on Rasna Shake Up

Introduction to Advertisement Project on Rasna Shake Up:

Now a day most of the children are not drinking milk because of their mind has different tastes. Milk is drunk by the children is difficult to their moms. It is the big work to moms compared to other works. But milk is good for their health but they are not drink. So it is challenge to moms.

Most of the children attract with cartoons, chocolates, games, TV programs etc. children were seeing different advertisements with different looking, whatever the ad seen by them they want that only. So by this way moms will do the milk drunk by the children.

In this project Rasna shake up is taken as product for the advertisement. It has different colors of flavors with good quantity and quality. It has been ad in different channels. 97% of kids liked rasna skake up only 3% of kids disliked because of no reason.

They do not like commercial. In ad we will give all details of the product. It has just Rs.3/- of cost. It looks like a power. It will mix with milk and shake 2-3 minutes rasna shake up is ready. It will give taste, energy, range of flavors, and color of milk.

Some of kids attracted of ad, some are by music song, some are by taste, some are by energy, etc. this product has a baseline is “ Don’t Bee SeedaSaada”. Brand identification, show the package, food in motion, close-ups, open with fire, etc all these Ogilvy’s tips were implemented in our advertisement. It has a retro look and feel.

The use of retro feel is being addicted as mechanism to break clutter and create a high re call and also some of the mass audience relate and respond to. By this way kids will drink milk. it is easy process for moms.

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